Cabo San Lucas (2017 Program Grid)

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Program Grid Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2017
Key to session type abbreviations: AB=Abstract;  CR=Case report
TimeTuesday June 20thTimeWednesday June 21stTimeThursday June 22nd
      Hacienda 3 function room Hacienda 3 function room Hacienda 3 function room
7:45-8:00amAB- Hsueh - Evaluation of pet owner preferences on operative sterilization techniques in female dogs within the veterinary community7:45-8:00amAB- Suarez-Fuentes - A novel and cost effective dynamic endoscopy unit for evaluation of upper airway abnormaluties in horses7:45-8:00amAB- Singh - A comparison of muscular workload during simulated open and laparoscopic techniques in veterinary students
8:00-8:15amAB- Dongaonkar - Laparoscopic ovariectomy in pregnant dogs8:00-8:15amAB- Suarez-Fuentes - A novel adaptation of a monopolar electrosurgical triangular tip knife for trabsebdoscopic ventriculocordectomy in horses8:00-8:15amAB- Singh - Evaluation of laparoscopic-assisted abdominal organ biopsy using a wound retractor device in dogs
8:15-8:30amAB- Heblinski - Comparison of two vessel-sealing devices for laparoscopic-assisted ovariohysterectomy in dogs8:15-8:30amAB- Stiller - One-step insertion of low-profile percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube with T-fastener gastropexy: Canine cadaver feasibility study8:15-8:30amAB-Suarez-Fuentes - GoPro:The future for training technicians, students, house officers and clinicians for many minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
8:30 -8:45am  AB- Nolazco-Sassot - Morcellation for testes extraction in horses undergoing standing laparoscopic cryptorchidectomy: 30 cases (2012-2016)8:30 -8:45am  AB- Bruckner -  Use of a novel vessel-sealing device for peripheral lung biopsies and lung lobectomies in dogs8:30 -8:45am  AB- Lux - Laparoscopic-assisted ovariohysterectomy using a wound retractor in two domestic pigs (Sus Domesticus)
8:45-8:53am  CR- Singh - Single incision laparoscopic-assisted ovariohysterectomy for an ovarian tumour in a dog 8:45-8:53am  CR- Ishigaki - Thoracoscopic removal of adenocarcinoma originated form left chest wall and pericardectomy in a dog with chylothorax8:45-8:53am  CR- Jones - A minimally invasive surgical technique for treatment of ureteral ectopia in 2 foals 
8:53-9.01am: CR- Singh - Trans-peritoneal laparoscopic ureteronephrectomy for renal carcinoma in a dog 8:53-9.01am: CR- Pievaroli - Chylothorax and peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia in a dog. Thoracoscopic and surgical treatment8:53-9.01am: CR- Lillo - A case of laparoscopic Lich-Gregoir neoureterocystostomy in a dog for treatment of extramural ureteral ectopy
9.01-9-09am CR-Properzi - Laparoscopic treatment of a foreign body sublumbar granuloma9.01-9-09am CR- Yoshida - Laparoscopic left pancreatectomy for insulinoma in a dog9.01-9-09am CR- Lapshin - Complex genitourinary anomaly in young dog
9.09-9-17am  CR- Bruckner - Laparoscopic treatment of hemoabdomen in a dog after prescrotal castration9.09-9-17am  CR-Arntz - Transvaginal laparoscopic ovariectomy in a dog9.09-9-17am  CR- Hooi - Use of nephroscopy for debridement of renal pelvic fungal granuloma in a dog.
9.17-9.25CR- Fransson - Laparoscopy cystopexy in a dog with bilateral perineal hernia and retroflexed bladder9.17-9.32AB- Ehara - Potentials for needlescopic veterinary surgery. Maneuverability of under 2mm outer diameter graspers and surgical indications  9.17-9.32AB - Villalobos - Tracheobronchoscopy in dolphins with respiratory disease: Retrospective study of 30 clinical cases
9:25-9.45amCoffee break9:32-9.45amCoffee break9:32-9.45amCoffee break
9:45-10.00amAB-Fransson - Laparoscopic entry-related complications: 126 cases9:45-10.00amAB- Mayhew - Cardiorespiratory effects of variable pressure carbon dioxide thoracic insufflation in cats undergoing video-assisted thoracic surgery.9:45-10.00amAB- Brandao - Canine tracheal stenting: 13 case series in 7 month period (August 2016 – February 2017). 
10.00-10.15amAB- Quitzan - Comparative study between two hemostatic biomaterials in laparoscopic partial nephrectomy - Experimental study in pigs10.00-10.15amAB- Mayhew - Long-term outcome of minimally invasive thoracic duct ligation and subtotal pericardectomy in dogs with chylothorax: A multiinstitutional study of 39 cases10.00-10.15amAB - Brandao - Laryngeal tumors in feline species: 7 cases retrosepctive study (2015-2017)
10.15-10:30amAB- Lillo - Laparoscopic retroperitoneal right adrenalectomy in dogs, feasibility pilot study10.15-10:30amAB- Mitchell - Video-assisted thoracoscopic thoracic duct ligation is inconsistent when performed using a bipolar vessel-sealing device in healthy cats10.15-10:30amAB-Brandao - Nasal cavity tumors - a 24 case series
10:30-10:45 amAB- Singh - In vitro evaluation of a simulated capnoperitoneum on proliferation of canine transitional cell carcinoma 10:30-10:45 amAB- Carvajal - Evaluation of outcome in dogs with presumptive idiopathic pericardial effusion undergoing combined pericardectomy and pericardioscopy10:30-10:45 amAB - Greci - Treatment of canine sinonasal aspergillosis with 1% clotrimazole cream depot administered through endoscopically placed catheters after meticulous debridement of the fungal plaques: 15 cases (2007-2016) 
10:45-11.00amAB- Scott - Effect of warmed and humidified carbon dioxide for pneumoperitoneum on inflammation and thromboelastography during laparoscopy in healthy mature dogs10:45-11.25amPANEL DISCUSSION - Monnet, Fransson, Runge, Singh                                                      Teaching MIS to students and residents10:45-11.00amAB- Balsa - Effect of laparoscopic-assisted gastropexy on gastrointestinal transit as assessed by wireless motility capsule
11.00-11.15amAB- Scott - Effect of warmed and humidified carbon dioxide for pneumoperitoneum on core body temperature and cardiorespiratory variables during laparoscopy in healthy mature dogs11.00-11.15amAB- Steffey - Laparoscopic iliosacral lymphadenectomy in 10 dogs with neoplasia
11.15-11:30amCoffee break11.25-11:40amCoffee break11.15-11:30amCoffee break
11.30-11:50am TOPIC TALK- Winter - #Surgtweeting: Twitter and social media for minimally invasive surgeons11:40-12.25pm Keynote Speaker Todd Ponsky, MD - "Hiding The Scars: Fact, Future, or Fantasy?"11.30-12.30pm SHORT COMMUNICATIONS - MIS Complications Buote - Lap-assisted cystotomy  McCarthy - Laser correction of ectopic ureters  Case - Diaphragmatic hernia  Kirpensteijn - Adrenal surgery
11:50-12.35pmKeynote Speaker Todd Ponsky, MD - "Keeping on the Cutting Edge of Surgery: Digital Solutions to The Impossible"
12.35-1:20pmExecutive Business Meeting            (Executive committee only)12.25-1pmBusiness meeting                                           (for all attendees)

The 14th annual meeting of the VES is slated for June 20-22nd, 2017 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
At the Sheraton Grand Los Cabos Hacienda Del Mar  

Please use this hyperlink to make your hotel accommodations. 

 Once again, this meeting will be held in a beautiful environment to ensure that the attendee not only gets a worth while scientific experience but also a nice get away. 

Our keynote speaker this year will be 

Todd Ponsky, MD, FACS 
MIS Pediatric Surgeon from Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio

We are also excited to announce that the Veterinary Interventional Radiology and Interventional Endoscopy Society (VIRIES) meeting will be once again held in association with the VES meeting.    VIRIES will be held on JUNE 22-24. This year the VES and VIRIES meetings will be held on separate days.  Assume that the VES meeting will run between 7:30 and 12:30.  Separate registration will be required for each of these meetings.  

More details on social events will be listed soon!