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Sitting on the foothills of Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains, the Translational Medicine Institute (TMI) creates a stunningly beautiful setting for learning, expanding your skills and mindset while working with world class experts in Veterinary care. Courses range from canine and equine arthroscopy to advanced laparoscopic surgery.

Veterinary Assessment Laparoscopic Skills (VALS) is a laparoscopic skills training and assessment program available for veterinary surgeons.

Benefits of VALS

  • Gain advanced laparoscopic skills in a low-stress environment.

  • The fastest way to gain laparoscopic manual skills including suturing.

  • Advertise your skills by VALS certification.

Small Animal Thoracoscopy & Advanced Laparoscopy

The laboratory is designed for participants with experience in minimally invasive surgery. Size is limited to three people per animal. Technicians can attend lectures and observe in the laboratory.

Colorado State University Surgeon listing:

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